People in Process

Results, outcomes, productivity, grind, hustle……

No matter how you label it, we all are in constant motion with the goal of accomplishing something. To get things done and for many just to keep our head above water. But what happened to our passions, our interests, our lives? It seems they have been put on the back burner until we get out of debt, until we graduate with our Masters, until we get the dream job. Yet while we wait until, a little piece of us fades with each day.

Consider this…what if “until” never happens? As cliche as it may seem, the old adage that tomorrow is not promised is perhaps one of the truest statements ever uttered. Just this morning the news broadcast a story of a shooting in a temple. And not just a couple of weeks ago the mayhem in the movie theatre erupted. And if that was not enough to clue you in to how unpredictable life can be, just merely existing comes with the challenge to maintain a healthy state.

I say all that to say, it is time to awaken from your slumber. Certainly, you should be practical and have a plan, but be careful not to let your practicality stifle your ingenuity and creativity. What is it that you really would rather be doing at this very moment? What makes you smile and your eyes dance with delight? What gift, talent, or vision is struggling to come to the forefront.

What have you put off “until”?

P16…is your life HATCHED!

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