Are you a turtle?


We have a new addition to our family….a pet turtle:) To my amazement I had to do a great deal of reading to learn how to take care of our new family member. I have also spent time observing its behavior (not sure if it is a he or a she). The most obvious thing about the turtle is that it is quite fearful of people. No matter what the turtle is doing, whether it be eating or basking, or just enjoying a swim, it will immediately go and hide when it notices a person in the room. The turtles fear is so great that it will disrupt its routine and those things that are vital for living such as eating to hide from what it perceives as a stressful situation.

So this leads me to beg the question…”are you a turtle?”

When stress, fear, or worry come your way to you draw into your shell and hide yourself from the world? Do you pretend its not there and just pray it goes away?

Well if you answered yes to these questions, I have good news for you. No, you are not a turtle, so it is time to stop acting like one. Come out of hiding and face the world. You are a beautiful creation and as such you have an inner power that can face anything. So go get it, go for it, overcome it.

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!

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