Hands tied….not in a good way.

Have you ever had to do something you really did not want to do?  Of course the answer for just about every person on the planet is “YES!”.  But what about doing something that forces you to rise above your own animosity, unforgiveness, pride,ego, digust, or what have you for the situation?

Well I have. And sure one should always strive to be the bigger person, but that does not make it less painful, or better yet less agonizing. It reminds me of running hills and stairs in high school track practice.  You force yourself to do it but all the while you are fighting to keep your food in your stomach and your feet on the ground.  Ugh! Those were the days.

The major difference now that I am an adult is that I realize that the thing I do not want to do typically impacts someone else.  So it comes with a since of responsibility and obligation.

And having said that I find myself facing such a situation. My hands are tied. I don’t see a way out and the right thing to do is committ and move forward. My hope is that completing the task will be gratifying and that I will mature in the process.

I will post the end result…the aftermath. As this blog is to be about positive things, I pray that what I have to share is uplifting and inspiring.

P16 is your life……HATCHED! And mine too;)

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