Are you spoiled?

Merriam-Webster defines spoiled as: “to damage seriously : RUIN b : to impair the quality or effect of.   And so my theory is that we are all indeed spoiled!

Good or bad, our life experiences lead us to have certain expectations.  Many of us feel we are owed something; that things have to change or get better; that I work so hard and do so much I have to be rewarded.  Or on the flip side, having had many negative experiences people begin to believe that all life has to offer is turmoil and strife.  The bottom line is that you have been SPOILED.  In whatever way you arrived to this state it is important that you begin to recognize it and address it.  Having a false idea of what life is supposed to be will no doubt have an impact on your relationships at home, work, and anywhere that you go.  It is time to face the music and realize that life is what it is…”LIFE”.  Everyone has ups and downs and yeah some people are dealt a way better hand than others.  But, even those who have the worst of it often times rise above their circumstances and are fulfilled.  Don’t you want that for yourself?  “I know I do”.

Thus, now is the time to hatch that egg and quit waiting around for someone else to do the hard work for you.  Start today…pursue your passion…help another…live boldly….and please please, do not forget to laugh out loud:)

P16 is your life…HATCHED!

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