“Thats my baby!”

Today was one of those days that I wished would never end. I went to church and was privileged to deliver the message today. I spent time with my family and enjoyed every moment of it. But the one thing that stood out to me was over hearing my mother say “thats my baby” in reference to the message that I delivered from the pulpit.

It may seem silly to some, but there is nothing like the approval and love from a parent no matter how old you are. In the craziness of this world we parents sometimes get so caught up keeping our kids on the straight and narrow (and we most certainly should), that we infrequently tell them about the good things they do. We forget to tell them how proud we are and how much we love them.

So…if at the age of 33, my mother’s words carry so much weight with me, just think of the impact it will have on a child. Some may be embarrassed and some may not take it to heart at that very moment, but there will come a day when they appreciate it and appreciate you all the more.

Show the kids some love. We adults are not the only ones who are trying to hatch.

P16 is your life….HATCHED!

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