Might as well be honest….

In 2001 I had this great idea. I decided I was going to join the Air Force. I was oh so serious about this and had several meetings with the recruiter. I even went to visit the base.

My motive for joining was very clear. As a nurse I would enter as an officer, make good money, and get my student loans paid. All that quickly changed when 9/11 happened. I reexamined the situation and for good reason. The tragedy on 9/11 was the catalyst for years of war, lost lives, broken families, and economic hardship.

If I was being honest with myself, I was embarrassed about my motives and mortified that I even considered signing up to defend my country merely for what I had to gain, not what I had to give.

I’m sure the reasons vary as to why people serve, but for me it was clear. Perhaps that makes me selfish or less patriotic in the eyes of others. But, whatever you make think….I know that it certainly makes me more appreciative, more thankful, and more aware that I am blessed that there are citizens who have what it takes to fight for our freedoms.

I’m just being honest.

P16 is your life (and mine)….HATCHED!


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