Super Absorbent!

Have you ever witnessed a sponge work it’s magic? And yes I’m speaking about the kind you clean with.  Sponges come in all kind of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some have scouring pads, some are synthetic, and some are natural.  Nevertheless it is the power to absorb that makes it so useful. It’s Super Absorbent (picture sponge with a red cape on, lol).

So,today as I was speaking with a few people who shall remain nameless, I could not help but thinking that they somehow reminded me of a sponge (and not in a good way).  I was certain that they were sponge-like because it was obvious that they absorbed things.  But, it seemed that they were selective in that they only absorbed themselves. If their product was sold in a store the package would read “now 2x more super self-absorbent”.

And just like a sponge they were very different from each other (see thesis on sponges above) with the exception of on thing.  They had become so proficient, efficient, and all the other “icients” at being self-absorbent that they were now starting to sour.  They were sick, depressed, tired, overwhelmed and no longer able to fulfill their purpose; just like that sponge that had been used to the point of growing disgusting bacteria (yuck!).

Now that yucky sponge…we would just throw it in the trash.  But, when dealing with people disposing of them might get you some prison time. Instead, we have to learn to deal with human self-absorbed sponges.  And if we are one, we have to work on getting to the point where we are able to think about others and not just about ourselves.

We have to rinse and wring out the sponge (yourself) to make it last longer. It may sound paradoxical, but take time for you and then turn your energy toward others. That way you can interact with your environment as a sponge was made
to do. Pay it forward, love thy neighbor and all that jazz.
Absorb knowledge, love, and life. That is your purpose:)

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!

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