Full Moon?


Well I am definitely not an astrologist, but people always say that strange things happen when it is a full moon. So without further investigation or verification I declare this National Full Moon Day!
If it were possible for another disaster to happen, it happened. I mean the kind of day where you are pulled into every direction, you literally perspire under the pressure, and your brain is no longer able to express a clear thought (I hope that last one is not an absolute, because if it is, I should stop typing).

Yet, even in the midst of it all, I still could not complain compared to what the others around me were enduring. There really is always someone who has it worse than you; and you do not have to scour the earth to discover that someone. People all around you are enduring. That is great news, because endurance wins the race….and a strategy.

There are 2 strategies I would like you to consider: 1) Woe is me or 2) Bring it on!

I aim to choose the latter. I say aim because I have not yet perfected this skill, but I will continue to work toward it. So …….take that, NFMD (yeah I did it..made up an acronym).

What is your choice?

P16 is your life….HATCHED!

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