Internal Affair

On law shows when there is a crime or suspicion of a crime within a law enforcement agency they call in Internal Affairs to investigate and uncover the truth.  The name correctly implies that something has gone wrong on the inside and must be figured out from the inside.  The goal, I assume is to keep things out of the public eye and to solve the problem swiftly with as little attention as possible.

Isn’t that the way we want things to work out in our life?  When something has gone wrong on the inside (your heart, your mind, your health), we do not necessarily want everybody and their momma or grandmama for that matter, to know about it.  We wish we had an Internal Affairs Bureau to step in and get to the source of the problem.  And in fact we do.  The same place where things fell apart is the same place where they will be put back together.  For example, the key to fixing a broken heart is to mend the heart.  I know it sounds oversimplified, but if you rip your pants or tear off a button,  you grab a needle and thread and put it back together. Or in my case you ask someone else to do it or take it to the cleaners.  Either way you have to map out a plan and take some action.  And so with the little and the big things that happen to us we have to launch an internal affairs investigation and get to the bottom of things.

For me personally, there are a few things I do. First I rely on my faith and those in my circle that share my faith.  I am realistic and know that this is not the approach that all will take, but one thing is for sure you must have an approach.  You must have a way to endure the curve balls that life throws.  I am certain that if you live long enough you will face challenges.  You may not know what to do in every circumstance but the saying, “what you do in practice, you will do in the game” applies here (I do not know who said it first, but a minister at my church says it all the time).  Don’t wait until life hits you in the face…open the Internal Affairs office today.  Examine the problem and work out a strategy to fix it from the inside out. That way when the storm comes, it can blow over rather than settle in and and leave irrepairable damage.

P16 is your life….HATCHED!

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