Butcher anyone?

So as most weekends go, I am busier  than I am during the week.  Which begs the question how does that happen?

If you are anything like me (good luck, lol) you like to try all kinds of things. I like music, writing, sports, and knitting just to name a few.  And so I dibble and dabble on all of them.  The problem with that is I am a jack of all trades but master of none.  Well, I would not go so far as to say none, its more like master of a couple.  But nevertheless, its not suprising that I get burned out, worn out, and stressed out way to easily.

The remedy is simple though.  Let some things go.  It is time to select what is edifying, gratifying, and satisfying for your life’s purpose. What fits nicely into the goals and plans you have for your future.  It’s time to focus and trim the fat (finally the title makes sense).  Butcher anyone?:)


So cut down on the distractions and get your priorities in order. 

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!

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