Teachable Moments


Today was a Bantu knot day….yes I’m talking about my hairstyle in case you are not familiar.  It was an experiment for me and the end result was pleasing in my opinion. But, my dear daughter had something different in mind.  She complimented me on my hair, which I believe was genuine, however, she followed with a show of concern.  She was concerned about what others would think of my hair.  So, this of course led to a dissertation by me on how we have to love ourself and be confident about who we are. Definitely a teachable moment.

In my humble opinion it is the teachable moments that make life so interesting and keeps me on my toes.  I am on constant alert for when I can learn something new or share knowledge that I have.  If we all acknowledge that we are merely students (for even the oldest of us is not all knowing) then maybe we can better appreciate what others have to offer us.

So go out and learn something or if you prefer stay stagnant…maybe you will grow mold or wither away.  I wouldn’t risk it if I were you;)

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!

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