Purposeful Neglect

So I have been missing in action.  I truly do apologize to all of you who follow my blog and are loyal fans.  All 3 of your are near and dear to me…..okay maybe its more than 3 , but no matter the number I take this seriously.  Allow me to explain the hiatus.

Over the past several weeks I have added some things and subtracted some things.  And although in the end I am busier than ever, everything that I am involved in is geared toward one goal. That one goal is for me to “get to maybe”.

I first learned of “getting to maybe” when I read a book about that very thing. Getting to Maybe by Michael Quinn Patton and Frances Wheatly. The book is about having a vision or dream and making it a reality. You know the things we want that start with, “I wish, I pray, I hope, and if only”. The maybes we so often mull over.

So, that is exactly what I have been doing. Making some changes. Mapping a plan on how to use my gifts in my work, my home, and my everything. This kind of thing takes commitment. Hence, my purposeful neglect of writing. But, I’m back for now! For this blog is part of the master plan. I think I will enjoy the journey better if I take some folks with me. Join me for the ride:)

Stay tuned…..

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!

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