Do you see what I see?


Chances are unless we grew up in he same house, same parents, same school, same friends…..the answer is a resounding NO. We do not see the world exactly the same. For this is even true of people who did in fact have the same experiences in life.

“So why is this the case?” The answer my dear friend is perspective.

The good news is perspective does not have to be set in stone. If you are open to taking a look at how you view people, places, and things then your perspective can resemble the rocks that border raging waters. As the water passes over the rocks over time they change shape. Some are smooth, others are rough, and still others are a combination of the two. They are shaped constantly.

People unlike the rocks however have to put forth a bit of effort to allow this shaping and molding to occur. We have to seek out the good, cling to it in fact. We have to fight against the urge to see the negative and this sometimes takes every bit of energy we can muster. But I believe that the fight is worth it.

When we fight we don’t always win, but we learn from every battle if we allow ourselves to and that my friend is the most important part.

I challenge you to think about what your perspective is of life. If when you do you find that it’s not one of optimism, joy, hope, and love, make today the day that you vow to fight. Fight against pessimism, negativity, fear! Fight to adopt a new perspective.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and if perspective is truly everything (and I say it is), then it’s time to don your boxing gloves and get in the ring.

The Perfecting Project is Your life….HATCHED!

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