Nice was nice:-)

I just spent a week in Palm Harbor, Florida. We did a lot of water sports, visiting the beach, and took long walks too. We also had a lot of good seafood at some local restaurants. All of that was great, but what impressed me the most was how nice the people were. The man at the gas station, the clerk at the grocery store, Chris at the kayak place, Woody at the Jet ski place, and every single person you walked by. Everyone had a smile, a wave, or a nod to give and many more would stop to chat. The only exceptions were two cranky fellas that we came across (I am guessing their hemorrhoids were flaring). Otherwise I think I have never been anywhere else where I felt like people were that HAPPY and enjoyed the company of others. The vacation is over now and I have to go back to my reality. Even if it was for a short time, “nice was nice”. We should all try it on for size. That way, I would feel like I never left Palm Harbor.

P16 is your life……HATCHED!


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