Lend a hand, save a life!

On November 18, 2015 my life forever changed. On that fateful day I suffered from a severe headache that later was determined to be a ruptured brain aneurysm. There are at least 2 weeks of my life that I have no rememberance of except for tidbits that were told to me here and there.   Through it all though, I had family and friends that were there for me every step of the way. The biggest surprise however was how our family circle grew exponentially. People from work, church, my children’s school, and some who just heard about us banded together in prayer for my recovery. People prepared meals, donated gifts, sent cards, and offered their time. The overwhelming love and support allowed me to focus on getting better because I knew my family was supported and loved.  

This day and age it can seem impossible to expect this kind of outpouring of love from your fellow man. It delights me to say “do not be dismayed” my friend. There is so much good in the world and it starts with each of us. We have to help one another and lend a hand in times of need. It may seem like a small unimportant gesture but the impact you will have is immeasurable. You may just save a life!

The Perfecting Project is your life…….Hatched!

2 thoughts on “Lend a hand, save a life!

  1. A. McGraw

    Your testimony is so encouraging to others. God’s plan is perfect and His grace is amazing! I watched a miracle happen and I am glad to be a part of God’s plan in your life. You are a beautiful woman inside and out…u reap what u sow…GREATNESS! LOVE YA SIS!

    1. Love you back!

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