I’m not tired yet….

When I was a young child, the choir at my church would sing a song that I loved. I did not quite understand the meaning behind it but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The lyrics were something like:

“No, no, I’m not tired. No, no, I’m not tired yet. No, no, I’m not tired. No, no I’m not tired yet. I’m not tired yet. I’m not tired, tired yet. I’m not tired yet. Running for Jesus.”

Looking back, I loved the upbeat rhythm, clapping, and crowd participation that accompanied the song. This is what commanded my attention.  Nowadays, having lived through some peaks and valleys I have a different perspective on what the song means.

Life can come at you fast. There will be peaks and valleys. Through it all we must continue to endure and to have a praise on our lips. Look for the good in every situation. Never grow weary in doing what is right. Run until you take your last breath.

I am not tired yet! 

The Perfecting Project is….your life…HATCHED!

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