Making Room

The other day I was having lunch with a friend. We shared lots of information, including how life is evolving and changing for us. As I relayed to her the struggle that I have with saying no to opportunities that present but are not in line with what I should be doing right now she helped me reframe it. The guilt that I harbor from saying no can be tremendous, but when I give it this new spin it is completely freeing.
When I said no to this particular opportunity I “created room” for someone else. This speaks to my natural inclination to serve and help others even at my own demise. In this way I can accept that when I let go of my freakish need to be the one to do it all, I am making room for someone else to use their gifts.

My competitive nature has gotten me very far and I do not intend to shed it completely. However, I am going to make room for others to soar and this will make room for me to do the things that matter most to me.

The Perfecting Project is…your life….HATCHED! 

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