I Am Strong…Becoming an Anchored Soul. 

“You are strong”, haven’t heard that one before and now someone who barely knows me spoke these 3 simple words to me. Simple, yet loaded with unexpected self-discovery.
“I’m strong? Who knew?” I most certainly did not. In recent months I have become more “sensitive” than my previous self, more “sappy” and can cry at the drop of a hat, and more underwhelmed by how people treat each other. I would be more likely to describe myself as apathetic, resigned, frustrated, and confused. This is not comfortable for an overachiever such as myself. I always have a plan and a strategy. Having no clear plan or end goal typically makes me feel like I’m being suffocated or chained down. Yet, I don’t feel like that right now so something is different, something has changed. 

I guess I am strong after all! Lightbulb moment!

I am strong because I am focused on becoming instead of doing. I have done so much in my life thus far, but I have yet to “become”. I know this because it is something I still grapple with, my souls purpose. 

I am strong because I have decided with ruthless intention to feed my soul, anchor it, and connect it to what really matters in my life. This goes beyond prioritizing, it involves sometimes letting things go altogether. Believe me when I say this, it takes strength to accept you don’t have to do everything and be in control of everything.

I am strong because I am realizing that title and position do not define who I am. This is one of the most freeing realizations because it has helped me see that the endless drive for more was a fruitless attempt to feed my souls desire to have purpose. My purpose is so much bigger than a title can give. To top it off, I can live out my soul desire from wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. I have just realized that it may not be as apparent in some spheres of my life, but because it’s my soul at work it cannot be diminished or dimmed. It is a light, a fire in me that no one in this physical world can reach. It took me a while to reach it, so accessing it is not easily done by others. 

The bottom line is I am strong. Even in my self-proclaimed weakness, I am strong! I’m not strong because of what I do, have done, or will do. I am strong because of what I am becoming. I am becoming an anchored soul. 

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