Where is your aim?

Yesterday I was in a perpetual state of gratitude. I was on cloud 9, the sky was bluer than its ever been and life seemed like it couldn’t get any better. Then today I woke up tired and I was reminded of something I once read…”fatigue makes cowards of us.” Yesterday I was ready to take on the world and today I did not know which way was up. When I’m tired I don’t give my best to the people, places, or things around me. I went from one extreme to the other in just 24 hours, grateful to hateful. I began to feel as though I was not meeting the standard I set for myself. Then It happened.I read my devotional for the day. The gist of it was, each day varies to some degree for one reason or another. It doesn’t detract from the significance of what took place in that day or any other day. It is the sum of our days, not the single day I hope that defines our legacy. What guides most of your days, most of your time? Where is your aim? 
So at this moment I have hit the reset button and I am back to gratitude. Hoping to park here for a little while, it feels a lot better than that other place I was a few minutes ago.
The Perfecting Project:-) 


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