What works for YOU?

Have you ever thought about what works for you and tried doing that? I mean really doing it over and over again? For the past three weeks I have been taking a walk almost every morning without fail and it has transformed my life so far. It started out as something I wanted to do to lose weight, to get in shape. You know, just to look better. Then, the unexpected happened. It turns out that there is more value to slowing down and doing something for myself than just looking better on the outside. I actually feel better on the inside. I think clearer, I am more open to opportunities, and take on challenges with more zeal. It has helped me to perform better at work, home, and in every sphere of my life.
Let me be clear, this is not a push for you to get out and exercise, although I highly encourage it. The point I am trying to make is, experiment and figure out what works for you. Do you need a couple extra hours of sleep than you already get every night? Do you need to spend time with friends once a month? Do you need to take walks like I do? It is not the same for everyone. Working hard has its payoff but there also has to be time to roll your shoulders back, get clarity so that you are better equipped to do what you do. So, I ask you again….What works for YOU? Don’t know yet…go find out:-)

The Perfecting Project is your life…..HATCHED!

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