Will You Make it To The Gate?

I had one of the best flight experiences of all time just the other day. The staff at the airport were amazing, the flight crew was upbeat and hospitable, and the customers were all fairly pleasant and respectable as well.

Upon arrival to my destination the airport was ill prepared to receive us. There was no gate available, then there was a gate available…..no wait, oops, not really. The tide slowly began to turn and you could sense that tension was building to some degree. The flight crew scrambled to explain, make jokes, compel us to sing happy Birthday or clap for someone onboard for one reason or another.

The bottom line however was the airline, the crew, the customers, we all were on the same side of the struggle in this situation. The question that was looming was whether we would keep that top of mind and refrain from turning on each other. So often we have the same end in mind when it comes to our work, our kids, our communities. Not always, but sometimes. When we do, I wonder what would happen if we didn’t turn against each other?

In this instance, in this small real-life drama, everyone held it together and the plane made it to the gate:-)

The Perfecting Project is your life….HATCHED.

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