Correction is NOT Failure

It can be very difficult to be wrong or reminded that you have dropped the ball. This is even more difficult when you are feeling good about yourself and feel as though you are doing things right and have everything in order. It just doesn’t feel good, it can knock the wind out of your sail and deflate you almost immediately. But it does not have to!

Take a moment and feel the punch to the stomach that you just received (that’s how it feels to me). You don’t have to ignore that it just happened. You did just get called out on something you should have done; and perhaps you had a good reason for not doing it. The truth is however, you did not do it. Allow yourself to feel how you feel, own it, and then reframe it.

Me. I would rather know what I need to correct than not know. It would be far worse to keep forging ahead making the same mistake over and over without knowing it. You may be bruised, but not broken, corrected not crushed.

Listen, feel, reframe, regroup. Go get em!

The Perfecting Project is your life…HATCHED!

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