The Impossible

Lately I have been taking risks. Not the kind of risks that will land me in trouble with the law or in a situation I do not want to be in. The risk I am speaking of are more benign in nature but they are a big deal to me.

Not long ago I was the type of person that would sit back and wait for things to happen. I would watch others around me go after their hopes and dreams and wonder why my day never came. I played it safe and did all the “right things”. I was afraid to walk up to someone after a conference and introduce myself for fear of sounding silly. I was afraid of dreaming because what if the dream never came true.

Each day that I wake I am learning more and more that the real fear should be living each day letting the regrets pile up one after the other. I want to try, I want to dream, I want to live, I want to take the risk and live the life I envision. I want the impossible to be possible and it is. Go after it! That is what the Perfecting Project is all about!

The Perfecting Project is your life HATCHED!

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