Hold Steady

The up and down, in and out, round and round of life can be a bit much to deal with sometimes. Speaking for myself, I want every single day to be productive, high energy, laughs, smiles, and good times. That however is not realistic and I know it. Yet when the day seems like a lot to bear or I just do not feel like myself it amazes me how I can somehow forget that “mama said there would be days like this” and sometimes “its just one of those days”. Am I the only one?

When those types of days come I just want them to quickly pass by. Then on the other hand I have no desire to rush through life. I really, really do want to enjoy every moment afforded to me. Even the not so exciting ones. “Why?”

The simplest answer I have right not is that some of the greatest moments have come from some of the lowest moments. There have been situations and circumstances that have brought me to my knees and caused me to weep. I have felt pain to my core. Yet, those same situations and circumstances have turned around and the tears of grief, worry, fear , and doubt later turned into tears of joy.

The sum of it is. Hold steady! Testimony comes from the test and if you just keep holding on you can get through this. I do not know what your “this” is. I do know that you are the only you we got and your testimony can change the world.


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