Love Notes

I have been thinking a lot about love. Not so much the romantic kind of love but the love that we show one another in our daily interactions and exchanges. Some people may not call that love but instead, just being nice or polite.

In my mind all of it is love because some of the interactions and exchanges we have daily take every ounce of love in me I can muster up. If it were left to “like” I would be in big trouble.

My intent is that love for my fellow human often wins out on how I feel or think. Sure I get angry, and sometimes my words reflect it, my actions too. However, at the end of the day love is what I want to project to everyone.

We could use a whole lot more of it! When I say “we”, I mean the entire world!

Meeting Just Fine is a love note that I wrote to share how love heals and brings us together.

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