A Seat at The Table

What do you do when you feel undervalued? Do you throw a tantrum or develop a strategy?

In conversations with peers, they share that their perspective or passion is dismissed as “emotional”. Their silence and reflection is viewed as “passive”. Their direct conversations and assertiveness is viewed as “aggressive”.

All of this boils down to working harder to communicate leading to burnout and exhaustion far sooner than necessary. They want to focus on getting things done and yet a lot of time is being spent proving they are worthy to sit at the table.

Waiting for the day when a persons full energy can go toward what they are passionate about and not be derailed by the flexing of muscle and egos that squeeze people out and silence their voice.

Do not give up. Do not throw in the towel. Keep showing up and sitting at the table. Even if you are sitting in silence….for now.

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