Flip It!

Frustration is real. At work, home, school, or anyplace really. There are times in life when I get frustrated. Don’t you? If you have never been frustrated I need to meet you.

The point is, frustration is common. So, being frustrated does not make you bad, incompetent, or less of a person. It does raise a question though, “what do you do about it?”.

There really isn’t a blanket answer or script for every situation except one thing I highly recommend, BREATHE!

Then if possible give yourself some time to reflect on the source of your frustration. Are you offended? Is it your ego? Is there a real threat or harm? Is there an immediate response needed?

Sometimes the appraisal takes place in seconds and other times it takes days.

No matter how long it takes, frustration can be a catalyst that propels you or a barrier to progress.

Flip it and turn it around for good.

Now I want pancakes;-)

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