Find Your Passion

Hmmm??? What if I don’t have one? What if it changes? Does that mean there is something wrong with me?

It seems like everyone is passionate about something and they know exactly what they want to do with their life. But that cannot possibly be true. If it is true, what does it really have to do with me or you? EXACTLY! This is the message I want to make clear to every person who feels like they do not have a purpose or direction.

I do not know what your passion is, but I do know you have purpose. There are things you are good at and you can get even better at them. In time, you may find that you grow a passion for them and they become your purpose in life. Whatever you do, try to avoid the trap of comparison because that leads to nowhere. I assure you that only you can be you. There’s only one of you as a matter of fact.

When people say find your passion, just tell them, “I’m working on it” and keep it moving:-)

You may not know what it is today. It does not mean that life is useless. It does not mean that life is not worth living. Everything doesn’t happen in a Big Bang overnight. Sometimes we have to take one step at a time and go little by little. It is not always sexy or fun, but it gets results.

Be consistent, keep showing up, keep going, that’s the key. Passion will come if it hasn’t. Don’t throw in the towel yet!

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