What’s On Your List

These days there is a lot of stress and anxiety about what is happening in the world. Day to day there are decisions to be made about work, school, home, health, and everything in between. Some decisions are trivial and others are life-altering. The gravity of the decision and the impact it has is mostly up to the person that has to make it and those that are at the receiving end of it.

One of the big questions that has come up for me when I am anxious or worried is “what is on my list?”. What are my priorities? What really matters right now? What do I need to focus on?

Far example, family ranks pretty high for me. If I am so busy that I am losing sight of spending time with my family then it is time to make a change. I am best able to discover where my priorities are by taking a step back, sitting still, and allowing time for reflection. Being still is not easy for everyone, but I promise you it is not a passive.

Stillness is not our enemy. Aimless busyness that keeps us from prioritizing the things that matter is where our concern should be.

Make your list and check it twice.

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