There IS Space for Grace

We live in a time when offending others is very easy to do. So it does not surprise me that during a pandemic things would be any different however that does not lessen my urge to make the case that we should still strive to extend grace to each other today tomorrow and into the future. No matter what’s going on around us situations and circumstances will continue to happen. Even when we find ourselves no longer facing this challenge we will still continue to live life. We will still find ourselves needing to pull together and good times and in bad and so once again I feel compelled to make the case that we should strive to extend grace. If you prefer to call it something else maybe assuming positive intent, maybe giving benefit of the doubt, maybe being compassionate toward others. Whatever name you choose to give it whatever label you choose to label it put action behind it take a breath before you react ask how you can help follow the guidance of the experts, And if nothing else step back and let those who are able to influence others in a positive way continue to lead the charge and when you’re able to get back in the game in a supportive way join them.

2 thoughts on “There IS Space for Grace


    Great word. So needed in this time of heightened anxiety How we handle anxious moments and situations today with grace, we can preserve relationships for tomorrow.

    1. Yes, yes, yes❤️!

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