Remote Work, Empathy, and the Pandemic

In today’s workplace we are taught that emotional intelligence is the key to just about everything. A leader with more emotional intelligent behavior excels in numerous ways including better performing teams, greater likelihood of promotion, and overall a more balanced life. In a crisis or pandemic even the most emotionally intelligent leader can find themselves wavering. This can be especially daunting for those that thrive on connecting with their teams face-to-face. I am that person. I enjoy solitude, I enjoy meditation and time for reflection. Yet, when it comes to working with my team I like to be in one room at the same time so we can get down to business. I also like to share our triumphs and our failures. Our challenges and our barriers. We encourage each other and lean on each other when things get tough.

So, enter in remote work. This has changed how we work at breakneck speed. Some have adjust quickly and I am still adjusting. They physical adjustment has been easy, but I am still learning how to connect and find new ways to dial into the strengths I previously relied on. Muted phones, no eye contact, and technical difficulties are throwing me curve balls on a regular basis. But never fear! When I have a problem I seek advice from those have been there and test it out.

What advice do you have? I have some ideas and I am going to test them this week. I will share next week and let you know how it went.

Be safe, stay healthy.

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