Out of sight out of mind?

So many people across the globe have transformed the way they work and the way they live. With each new day there are new challenges to overcome in light of our shared reality of COVID-19. Whether it is stay at home, safe at home, social distancing, or physical distancing; the bottom line is we are distancing. While this is happening for the right reasons it is still happening.

The one thing we cannot allow to happen however is for the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind” to become a reality. Connecting with others needs to be intentional and not just with the people you like. There are people that you interact with in your circle that need you more than you realize. It may be the person you only see once or twice a month or a co-worker you meet with sporadically. Whoever it is, do not underestimate how much that interaction may have added value for them.

So what can you do? When you think about them, when you get a flicker of a thought or a little tug at your heart or mind; send an email or make a call. If that is not your speed like their post or send a DM. Whatever you do reach out and connect.

Out of sight does not and should not be out of mind right now. Let’s lift each other up as often and for as long as we can. When we get through this, keep it going. I can dream right!

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