Don’t Run from the Fight

Being cooped up in the same placed day after day is taking its toll on people. Or if I am speaking for myself, it is taking its toll on me. Staying in gratitude is harder some days than others and this week it has been hard. I hit a wall this week and I hit it hard. I have been on edge and what a dear friend of mine likes to call “crispy”. If you push too hard, I just might crumble into tiny bits and pieces, you can see the cracks from a distance.

Yet, where there is a crack in the structure there is also a place for light to shine through. Where there is a crack light can enter and light can exit and so I know that not all hope is lost. When I am tired I can feel hopeless. When I am tired one of my favorite quotes pops in my head, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”, some credit George S. Patton Jr. others Vince Lombardi. In any case, when fatigued I become fearful that things will not get better, or that this will never end. I also may worry that I do not have what it takes to lead others, to care for my family the way they need or deserve. Oh I worry about so many things.

At the end of the day though, I reflect on all that went right, even if it was just one thing. I cling to what is good, even if it is just the air that moves through my lungs and the beating of my heart. If fatigue makes us cowards, then rest makes us warriors. Take care of yourself. Recharge and come back better for it. Whatever you do, hear me! Whatever you do…DO NOT TURN BACK NOW. Don’t run from the fight, we will win! We have to do it together! Harder days may be coming. I’m not wishing for it, but I know that when things fall apart they have to be put back together again. So get ready, keep pushing, keep hoping, keep showing up.

Don’t Run From The Fight! We do our best work as a team with our diverse strengths and abilities.

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