Are you leaning?

Which Way Do You Lean?

Sure you are! We all have preferences, tendencies, or habits. I almost decided not to write about this because I wanted to pretend for a moment that this pandemic situation was not happening, but then I had to admit to myself that I cannot run from reality so I may as well share some of my truth.

The past week has been hard. I mean really hard. Sadly, my experience pales to what others are enduring across the globe and that seems to only make my experience harder; if you let guilt or feelings of powerlessness consume you. I have been snippy, impatient, and irritable on several occassions. I have also been on the receiveing end of that type of communication as well. In the midst of it though I have received apologies, given some too. I have heard words of encouragement and stories of thanksgiving. I have learned about people pulling together to make the most of what they have. Then while watching a movie with my daughter I was reminded of some great words of wisdom imparted by The Lorax, “Be careful which way you lean”.

Whether it is a tree or a person at one time or another it will lean. The way that it falls will depend on the direction it leans. When it comes to you, me, all of us, we will lean. We will lean in many directions as a matter of fact. The question I raise is which way do you lean most often? Compassion, anger, gratitude, negativity, pick your own way to describe it. Whatever it is, be careful which way you lean in crisis and out of crisis, lest you fall in the direction you did not want to go.

Credit: The Lorax is from Dr. Seuss

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