How do you see the world? “The way you see it.” That is the only answer that rings true for everyone. We cannot occupy each other’s thoughts or make each other see things the way we see it.

So why do we try so hard? Why does our view have to be the only one that is right? That my friend is a conversation that could go on for hours. So, in this limited time I have you here I want to make the case for creating room for empathy, grace, and compassion. If you only have energy for one, give empathy a try.

Empathy, or putting yourself in someone’s else’s shoes gives us the capacity to step outside ourselves and be present for someone else. It can be draining, I will not lie. However, it is invigorating and uplifting to be there for someone else in need and not out of pity.

I am not a psychologist. I am that person that people feel compelled to talk to and tell things to. From close friends to strangers in the grocery store. I used to think, “why me”. Nowadays, I am thankful it’s me. We need more space held for people to feel connected and safe. If that is with me then so be it.

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