“having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior”.

I have been reflecting on my own opinions. I have come to the conclusion that differences of opinion, conflict, bias, and even ignorance is not what gets in the way. Lately, it has been self-righteousness. Dare I come across as self-righteous in stating this observation.

Superiority is not a new concept. I’m not even speaking about racism, classism, or sexism…all the “isms”. I’m speaking of the subtle inward thoughts we harbor against each other daily. Yes, even us that label ourselves as good people.

Now perhaps the difference is that we are not self-righteous because there is support for our beliefs. We do not seek to belittle, suppress, oppress, dehumanize, terrorize, or ignore the worth and value of others. Yet, I wonder, is intent enough?

Don’t we need to go further and behave in a manner that demonstrates to others that if we are superior we will act as though we are. Wouldn’t that mean we are more loving, more welcoming, more pure of heart?

On the contrary, we seemed to have confused superior with self-righteous, rationing good to those whom we deem worthy, and reserving love and respect for the “superior” if such a people exist.

God help us!

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