This past week I have read different social media posts about people being labeled. Some were self ascribed, some beloved, and others derogatory. What stood out to me is how a label can dig deep down into our consciousness and stick with us for our entire lives.

Some of us are able to overcome and persevere when labeled negatively. Yet, for many the label can drag you down and keep you there like an anchor.

When I was a kid one of my labels was “nerd”. The best rendition of it was Professor though. I really liked that one. It still meant nerd but it made me feel more prestigious and I felt like it was okay for me to like books. It gave me permission to not fit in with everyone all the time. I’m so thankful for that because I didn’t fit in. I still don’t fit in and that is the best part about me.

When my eldest daughter was a kid I nicknamed her ladybug and it became a term of endearment that we still use to this day. She adores it. She knows that ladybugs are a symbol of luck and can articulate that in our house we believe in faith not luck. Her artwork often reflects what has been instilled in her (pictured in this post). That’s what happens when we pour into our youth.

Diversity of people and diversity of our gifts is what makes the world a better place. Whatever label someone gives you, what can you do to flip it? Make it burn like a fire that spurs you on to greatness. If perhaps it becomes an anchor that weighs you down I pray that someone comes along to reach out their hand like they did for me. If I am there I pray that I reach out my hand to pull you up and we can reclaim what was lost and you can walk with your head high because your name is GREAT and no label can stop that.


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