Fear Leads to Suffering

I never would have guessed that this week my reflections would lead me to Yoda. I have to admit I am not much into Star Wars (if you are please do not hold it against me). What I am into though, is a good quote that I can sit back and think on for a while.

Over the past week I have been giving thought to what is the source of so much of the unrest and discord that we are facing today. I came up with several things, but one that resurfaced time and time again was FEAR. Fear of losing, fear of gaining, fear of change, fear of learning, fear of being wrong, and fear of being made a fools of. It may all be irrational even but it is often the root of many decisions and actions that result in bad outcomes.

Yoda once said, “….fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

So where does that leave us?

Well there is a Buddhist teaching that “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. Suffering is the interpretation of the pain. So I urge you, in this era of our lives with so much heartache and pain that surrounds us to interpret the pain as a call to action. Interpret the pain as a call to be present, to advocate, to vote, to unite, to uplift and to support your community and your loved ones.

Fear can lead to suffering, but it does not have to.

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