I recently shared that I started a new venture. I have now officially launched a podcast. This is something I dreamed of doing for years but could not get the courage to do it. There were so many things holding me back. One of the major barriers was I did not know if I had anything important to say. Strangely, instead of starting my podcast I decided to self-publish a book. Who does that if they do not have anything to say? Me!

Next I continued to write this blog. All the while thinking I have nothing to say. Along the way I continued to preach, teach, mentor, and coach. Still thinking I have nothing to say. Then it finally hit me. I do not need to have anything to say. I have 2 ears and 1 mouth. All I need to do is listen. When I listen I am learning more and more about the needs of others. As I learn more about what others needs I learn more about myself and more about empathy. I am here to help not just to aimlessly talk.

The thing about empathy for me is that it is the very thing that connects me to you and at the same time it is the very thing that can consume me. Therefore, as I learn to be more empathetic I must also become wiser about how to give and help others without it becoming all-consuming.

Knowledge is great and I am in constant pursuit of it. Wisdom is coming my way little by little and the two of them paired together are quite the experience. This is where coaching comes is and how I have learned and continue to learn ways to help others optimize their abilities and use them at a higher level. Taking what you know and moving it to the next level. That is the challenge and that is where we can go together.

Reach out: https://linktr.ee/coachkimregis

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
Albert Einstein

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