Small Steps

They add up

Just last week, I was beginning to wonder why did I even bother to write a book. I mean, I wrote it and put a lot of time into it. It was a labor of love for me because it was tied to a very traumatic and life-changing event. Having a stroke and the process of my recovery was something that I wanted to share with the world , but right now it feels like that I have not gotten very far with sharing that message. I was beginning to get discouraged, if I am being honest.

To top that off I thought am I an imposter? I am supposed to be a coach, I am supposed to encourage and lift others up. How can I be this down?

Thankfully, I took a step back. A small step at first and then a big one and a whole bunch more. It was time to regroup and make that space for grace that I tell others about. I didn’t do anything fancy. I slept, I laughed, I watched a movie, I RESTED! And get this I refused to feel guilty about it because I could not be effective if I didn’t do it (who am I kidding I felt a little guilty off and on, lol).

This 2020 thing might not be your jam. Maybe it is. In some ways it has been splendid for me and I’m grateful. In other ways all I can say is , “ugh”! In either case if you are feeling squeezed or overwhelmed take small steps in the direction you want to do. They add up. Even a couple steps back are okay too. I know they helped me.

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