Battle Royale or Just a Small Conflict

This past week I experienced a situation where there was an ongoing conflict. It was not serious, but it was annoying. It was annoying because I did not know that it was happening initially, and it was only happening because people had false information. Basically, gossip and rumors. To make matters worse the people involved … Continue reading Battle Royale or Just a Small Conflict

It’s Dreadful (or not)

To dread something is to anticipate it with great apprehension or fear. This can be my default if I’m not careful. No wonder I feel less joyful sometimes. Anticipation is not a bad. It can be great if it is something you are looking forward to. Even then though, for an anxious person or a planner, dread can creep in. The concern with this is that dread can rob you of your joy long before the event or thing even happens. So, what can you do?

Fear Leads to Suffering

Over the past week I have been giving thought to what is the source of so much of the unrest and discord that we are facing today. I came up with several things, but one that resurfaced time and time again was FEAR. Fear of losing, fear of gaining, fear of change, fear of learning, fear of being wrong, and fear of being made a fools of. It may all be irrational even but it is often the root of many decisions and actions that result in bad outcomes.