Get Things Done: Achieve your goals

I can hardly believe that 2020 is nearing completion.  I do not like to rush time and I am always grateful for each day. I am also hopeful that 2021 has brighter days in store for everyone across the globe.  The days ahead will undoubtedly be challenging because we still have a lot of unknown … Continue reading Get Things Done: Achieve your goals

Small Steps

This 2020 thing might not be your jam. Maybe it is. In some ways it has been splendid for me and I’m grateful. In other ways all I can say is , “ugh”! In either case if you are feeling squeezed or overwhelmed take small steps in the direction you want to do. They add up. Even a couple steps back are okay too. I know they helped me.

Battle Royale or Just a Small Conflict

This past week I experienced a situation where there was an ongoing conflict. It was not serious, but it was annoying. It was annoying because I did not know that it was happening initially, and it was only happening because people had false information. Basically, gossip and rumors. To make matters worse the people involved … Continue reading Battle Royale or Just a Small Conflict

It’s Dreadful (or not)

To dread something is to anticipate it with great apprehension or fear. This can be my default if I’m not careful. No wonder I feel less joyful sometimes. Anticipation is not a bad. It can be great if it is something you are looking forward to. Even then though, for an anxious person or a planner, dread can creep in. The concern with this is that dread can rob you of your joy long before the event or thing even happens. So, what can you do?