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The Brave Leader Circle is now in the beta phase of development. Membership is by invitation only.

To be considered for an invite you must identify as a woman and be working in a current leadership role in some capacity (formal or informal).

This year, 2022, I am stepping out on faith and launching the KRC Leadership Circle. Is it a school, academy, club or service?

It’s all of those and more.

Most of all it’s a community.

The circle is a place for leaders to be real so they can grow and evolve into their full self

To get a seat you have to complete a 3-step process:

  1. Apply
  2. Get an interview
  3. Membership Approval

To be considered for an interview CLICK HERE.

When will the program start?

The Brave Leader Program is a community and together we will shape a meaningful program that drives you to your desired destination.  The Launch date is June 6th.

The beta group is able to give input and join before the community opens up to the general public.  Apply now to get involved, save time, and money!

Most of all, get ready to be TRANSFORMED

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Resources and Downloads

Video Episodes of I been thinkin | Kim’s COACHING

What are you proud of?

June 12, 2022

Coach Dr. Kim making a silly face, looking like she is ready to get down to business and talk straight; it’s about to get REAL!

Personality traits of extroverts 

The Brave Challenge (live challenge ended, content still available)

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6 weeks of community building
Weekly email content on needed knowledge, skills, and attitudes for living brave
Free Brave 30 activity worksheet

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