Do you need help?

A seemingly simple question has so much impact. I raised this question with deep sincerity to someone this past week and they were so surprised that it surprised me:-) It started out as a question and it led to so much more. Helping others has an impact far greater than we can ever realize. In … Continue reading Do you need help?

Internal Affair

On law shows when there is a crime or suspicion of a crime within a law enforcement agency they call in Internal Affairs to investigate and uncover the truth.  The name correctly implies that something has gone wrong on the inside and must be figured out from the inside.  The goal, I assume is to … Continue reading Internal Affair

Kindness Is A Disease

I was standing in line at work today getting lunch and the guy in front of me turns around and says, ” you have a beautiful smile”. I smile wider and reply, “thank you”, although I am aching to roll my eyes and say something sarcastic instead because I wasn’t really in the mood for … Continue reading Kindness Is A Disease